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Acoustic Act


Pop Rock

Born in Tulsa and raised by the humble hometown streets of Catoosa, OK, Daniel Jordan picked up his first acoustic guitar in high school and immediately fell in love with the sound. The single pluck of a string with his soon-to-be callused fingertips sent him into an overwhelming sense of joy and he knew from then on he would have a loving and intoxicating attraction towards acoustic music. Teaching himself how to play basic chord structures and this and that on the guitar, he then picked up the piano as a music education major at the University of Arkansas and added that to his bag of tricks.
His vocals have been complimented on during several shows he’s had performing with “LiveFire,” the popular music/rock band coming from the 395th Army Reserve Band, which he joined in March of 2009. He’s played shows in Alaska, Texas and Oklahoma with LiveFire and every show has been a beautiful memory.

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